Safety Razor & Brush Shave Set

Safety Razor & Brush Shave Set

Safety Razor & Brush Shave Set

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From our friends at Parker, this set contains a Parker 82R heavyweight butterfly safety razor, the deluxe pure badger brush and a chrome stand. Each component in the shaving set has been perfectly matched to provide the ultimate shave.

The Parker 82R has a brass frame and butterfly-open doors. This is a HEAVY razor, weighing 3.3 ounces. The deluxe brush has the highest quality pure badger bristles. The brush knots are hand selected for density, softness, and quality in order to assure a brush that will provide excellent lather and beard softening for years to come. The stainless steel stand is both beautiful and functional. If you are new to Wet Shaving or a seasoned double edge shaver, this set will impress. If you’re looking for a barbershop shave at home, or a great gift, this set will hit the mark!


-Parker 82R Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

-Parker CHPB Chrome Handle 100% Pure Badger Shave Brush

-Parker Deluxe Chrome 2-Prong Razor and Brush Stand