Introducing: The OLE MASON JAR Showroom

Introducing: The OLE MASON JAR Showroom

We are thrilled to announce the completion of our first permanent location: The OLE MASON JAR Showroom! We will be honest, the stars sort of aligned on this one, and it was none other than the man upstairs that gets the credit for enabling all of this to come together. If you had asked us a year ago, shoot...even 6 months ago, we would have admitted we were still a few years out from actually moving into a physical retail space of our own. Somehow though, despite countless excuses and reasons to why we didn't think we were ready, we simply went for it...and couldn't be happier that we did!

Situated in the heart of uptown, our showroom is located in historic Brevard Court, across from the French Quarter Restaurant and above Valhalla Wine Bar.  Built in 1914, we honestly could not have found a better spot in the Queen City to represent OLE MASON JAR, and are thrilled to finally be able to show our friends family and customers the full vision of our brand.


With the addition of our showroom, we are now officially advertising something that we have been doing the last year and a half, but only for those that specifically inquired in private...Made in USA custom shirts, sport coats and full suiting.

In addition to our new custom offerings and existing ready wear collection, we have also partnered up with a wonderful alterations specialist (Cassandra's Alterations), to offer a full service experience for every single customer. With this partnership, we guarantee every purchase to fit perfectly, and have the in house capabilities to back it up.

Store Hours & Location:

148 Brevard Ct.
Charlotte, NC 28202
Monday-Friday: By Appointment Only
Saturday: 10AM to 4PM
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Alterations Hours:
Tuesday - Thursday: 12PM to 6PM
Saturday: 11PM to 2PM
Stop by and see us!

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