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"Is the Jar Half Empty / or Half Full" is our in depth firsthand account of starting and growing OLE MASON JAR into a successful Gentleman’s clothing company, as it happens.  You rarely get a glimpse of the behind the scenes process for companies, and so we are here to share stories as they happen because we want you to grow with our brand every step of the way. This feature we spotlight The Website Launch.


The Website Launch

Starting your own clothing company is one of those things that are what you would classify as “High Risk – High Reward”.  The market is already overexposed with other brands, it aint cheap, and it takes a great deal of work to even get off the ground.  For those interested, below are a few things that are a must right out of the gate:

· An idea - let’s be honest, anyone can say…”I want to start a clothing company”, but the key here is to know what exactly it is that you want to start, and why…originality gets the gold star.

· Funds - takes money to make money yo.

· Network - who’s going to buy your swag if you don’t know anyone?

· Experience - If you haven’t been there before, in some way shape or form, it is going to be really tough to learn as you go.

· Passion[1] - If in your mind you don’t know without a shadow of a doubt it will work (regardless of how bad the odds are), kiss that nice day dream in your head good bye because you won’t do what it takes to make it happen if you aren’t unrealistically sure it will work. 

OLE MASON JAR is at a point that could go one of two very different ways.  Removing our unrealistically positive stance on the company for a second (see Passion again :)), OLE MASON JAR could become a widely successful brand known by many and loved by all… or we could end up with a closet full of shirts we can't sell, with the bitter realization of wishing we had spent that money on Tom Ford Suits instead. 

This past week (March 20th, 2013), OLE MASON JAR finally opened the doors to its website, taking some major steps in the direction of achieving what we set out to do when we first started.  Those that have followed us from the beginning know this has been a long time coming[2], and was a milestone in itself that at times seemed so far from coming to fruition.  The team spent hour after hour coding, creating content, photographing, checking, rechecking and re-rechecking to make sure things were perfect.  It has been almost a year in the making, but we have finally launched.  The response we have seen has been tremendous, and we thank everyone that has tweeted, liked, pinned, shared and bought something from OLE MASON JAR.  Ladies and Gentleman, we are open for business and look forward to sharing many more stories/perspectives as we continue on our path to becoming a successful brand.

Stay Tuned!

The team of OLE MASON JAR


[1] Passion is the key ingredient here, but only works if the other stuff is there already.  You can’t build a successful company without it, but you can’t build a successful company with only it.  Passion is the final thing you need to bring the other ingredients together.

[2] Five + years in the making to be exact.  We knew we wanted to start a clothing company, but knew we lacked a lot of things needed to go for it (experience, maturity, knowledge etc…), so we made a deliberate long term plan to start our careers, gain the needed experience, and reconvene at the right time to pull the trigger.


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