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While doubled up plastic bags may have worked for a four year stint, they don’t travel as well with your outdoor gear, tux or business attire. These days, a dapper and leakproof flask complements the weekend away much better. Though they come in a plethora of styles, sizes and shapes, we picked three that you’ll be proud to pull out when toasting your mates.

-J.L. Powell, Hunter’s Flask (Leather & Sterling): Made from hand-bound sterling and English bridle leather, this companion carries 7.5 ounces and includes two stainless steel shot-size cups. $178

-Filson, Bridle Leather & Stainless Steel Hip Flask: Traditionally shaped and wrapped in bridle leather, this carrier holds 6 ounces and features an attached screw cap so you don’t misplace it when pouring. $67.50

-Orvis, CFO Flask: The largest of the three, this circular flask features leather wrapped over stainless steel, includes a funnel and holds 10 ounces. $69

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