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Friends, family and fellow followers, we are so thrilled to say our Kickstarter campaign has hit it's goal! 

Taking a few steps back, this Kickstarter campaign is literally years in the making. From the very first strategy sessions we started having several years ago for OLE MASON JAR, even before we knew exactly what our name would be, we knew a Kickstarter campaign was inevitable.  

Up until now we have bootstrapped OLE MASON JAR with our personal finances. While starting and maintaining an ecommerce based clothing company is not something you need to invest tens of thousands of dollars into in order to function (no brick and mortar etc...), there does come a point where in order to significantly grow you do need quite a bit of founds to scale operations. We are at the point where we have the wonderful opportunity to expand, but to do that takes product and inventory (and lots of it)...enter crowdfunding on Kickstarter.  

Kickstarter is termed crowdfunding because the general public pledges to your company in exchange for something; different tiers of pledges and gifts based on the pledge amount (it is essentially a pre-order, as once the campaign is over is when the product is order). You set a goal at the beginning of your campaign (usually 30 days), and if you hit the goal you get the funds, but if not you get nothing (we know what your thinking, and yes September was an extremely stressful month)

Flash forward to October 1, 2014 and a successfully founded campaign!

It was absolutely the most stressful 30 days since we have started OLE MASON JAR. We posted, tweeted, retweeted, blogged, instagramed (is that a word?), pinned, texted and emailed our friends family and followers till we were blue in the face (honestly I cannot believe we didn't get hate mail/posts for the amount of stuff we put out there). Amazingly, you all came through for us and helped us hit and even exceeded our goal. With this successful campaign, we are going to be able to go 100% made in North Carolina.  The funds will be used to place and meet the order minimum for our button down shirts and polos, and we couldn't be more thrilled. What better way to represent the brand of OLE MASON JAR and the heritage of where we are from, than to make all of our products right here in North Carolina.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting OLE MASON JAR!



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