Collaboration: Kerf & Burled

Collaboration: Kerf & Burled

Since starting OLE MASON JAR 3+ years ago, we have been searching for the right partner to collaborate with on world class handmade pieces out of reclaimed wood, right here in the great state of North Carolina. Enter Kerf & Burled...a local brand based out of Oak Ridge, North Carolina, specializing in unique and one-of-a-kind handmade furniture and accessories.

We sat down with owner and maker, Andrew Graven, to get his perspective on what inspired him to create Kerf & Burled:

Andrew: In a world of over-seas boxed furniture and the "if it breaks, throw it away" mentality, I was fed up with the constant fixing of cheaply made products. With a life long passion of building furniture and the determination of creating a lasting piece, Kerf & Burled was started. Not only to do what I love, but to change the mundane furniture buying process all together. By incorporating the client in every step, from initial design and all the way through the build process, I am creating not only a lasting piece of furniture but a memorable customer experience.

Taking it one step further, and to ensure the best quality and to support USA, all products created are made with hand-selected and locally sourced materials.

We are incredibly excited to expand our offering and to link our customers with another incredible North Carolina maker! Lets hear it for Kerf & Burled!

Kerf & Burled offering can be found here.



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